The Least Banquets

by Sleeping Bulls



released June 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Sleeping Bulls Mississippi

Longtime friends and collaborators David Gilmore, Mark Adamec and Lyon Chadwick hail from the wild lands to the South and have worked tirelessly to develop a sound that defies traditional notions that their place of origin precludes sophistication.

Both of the band's releases are available via iTunes and additional information and adventure can be found at the official Sleeping Bulls website.
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Track Name: The Least Banquets
You should mind your careless tone
As you shingle up the street
Remember everywhere you've known
Stinks the soles of your feet
I would like to bride a wind
Move the banquet

Oh my love I'm shipwrecked and
Ten thousand blossoms blush the hill
And oh the mountainy singer
Is on the mountain still
They've retired all the drums and
Moved the banquet

Oh the ageless army plough
There is evil in the eves
And a dowry of thieves
Awake for the common cure
Of Akhmatova's black sea and beastly deeds
Of a tunneled crowd
At the crowning of a king embarrassing with rings of gold
Track Name: My Wild Golden Year
Christ was a soldier
In an army of love
And he paid for the jackal horde
As he paid for the dove

Tell me where is that holy man
Tell me where is the king
In the wheels of progress or in the dour polluted stream

In a Chinese temple garden
Your best friend’s a cigarette
Tiny tower of opulence ‘neath
The tower of regret

Tell me where is my diamond stair
Tell me where's heaven’s rope
Tell me where are my countrymen
Tell me where is my dope

Well we once knew fortune on a tireless plane
Now we’re tired ourselves and demurred on a shitty Belfast train

Tell where is my continent
Tell me where is my cheer
Have I lost it all for nothing in my wild golden year!
Track Name: Jean Baptiste
From the brow of Herod comes a flood
But not from the blow
Of the murmur that followed
Now tell me who do you belong to

There is nothing new upon this earth
That the raising of the sun
Won't burn hollow to the bone
Now tell me who do you belong to

The wind the shadow shooter the sun
They'll bring fire they'll breath fire
The dregs the holy roman war the scum
They'll bring fire they'll breath fire...

Here's the ashen face of John
Decreasing in a moan
And rolling down the steps of stone
Now tell me who do you belong to
Track Name: The Fates
The earth and heaven knew
That I was brought unto
A feminine shape all my world for
That shape

I'm going to build a wilderness
Plain before her iris
Oh the lame were born to lose
But I was made to
To want you, to want you

As all the fates withdrew and Olympia pursued
Our loves life under wood undefined
And geese became a sordid sky
As all the fleet were sure to die
Lie your heart to the mast ‘till the tempest has past
They want you, they want you

The objects of vanity are instruments of lunacy
Oh I will desire through till breathless and blue
I want you, I want you
Track Name: Quebec City
Don't throw your youth out as the flesh of an old city
Don't live with the old man betray your rare beauty
I want you, I want you as you be
Holofernes, Judith of the waning siege

Oh the lamplighter will sing his sad refrain
And you will see the tears in the harvest ring
Out of the wilderness I want you as you be
Holofernes, Judith of the waning siege
Christ in heaven’s angles, Judith of the warning siege
Track Name: Dido's Report
Ah the days in the dell will curtain away
The sunlit souvenir of the palace and its waste
And you know still the stars are spun on a loom
In a word strange things have entered your room

All things of gold are hampered with heels
As strange eyes watch from abandoned fields
The country steeps with memories
As I wait by the shore where I know you'll return to me

Leaning in the afternoon oh the sky was simple
Then terror ensued other mysteries quivered
As a demonlover says a lover’s prayer
Track Name: Erde
In a maddening quiet, a somber riot
When the earth was wrapped in dew

Those arms were meant to give you all
And those hands now are grasping for straws
Track Name: Delia
You turned as you crossed the street
Delia descending
So when will our lips meet
My heart descending

The royal rose
Is in the turgid flows of time
Oh delia the water is wide

The doleful shape of your eyes
I'm claiming
The hunger the price, the prize
The Monarch butterfly
Track Name: Sofia
Turn on the can lights again
And make your way to your chair
Such a heavy load for a small film

The money won't come in
Till it pleases the company men
With their eyes only fixed on big returns

You fell asleep at a bar
You fell asleep in a booth at a bar
And no one recognized ya’
You were warm and no one recognized ya’